the perfect place to feel like you’ve gotten away from everything and everyone


   The Rush Valley Ride is perfect for the rider that enjoys the feeling of isolation to be left with his own thoughts and the desolate and barren landscape. Its the perfect place to feel like you’ve gotten away from everything and everyone in short distance from Salt Lake City and Utah County.

   There are few ways to access this loop either from Salt Lake or Utah County sides. From Salt lake you’ll take I80 to the 36 toward Tooele. You can stay on the 36 which will run you through Stansbury Park, Erda, Tooele, Stockton, and on to Rush Valley and Vernon. Our recommendation is to exit the 36 at Mill Junction and onto the 138 towards Granstville. Once through Grantsville, turn and head south on So West street that tuns into the Mormon Trail Rd. This will keep out out in the desert and away from most folks and traffic. Be aware that this road does close from time to time in the winter months. Be sure to check before planning any rides. The Mormon Trail Rd will run right through the heart of Rush Valley. Once you hit the 199 turn and head east for a short time running you into the 36. Head south on the 36 through Vernon and the desert until you come to Hwy 6. Make sure you stop and say hi to the folks that run the Silver Sage Cafe in Vernon. You cant miss it, and the burgers are pretty good too.  Once you hit Hwy 6, you’ll be in the heart of old town mining communities. Silver City, Mammoth, and Eureka are the towns you’ll be able to see.  

    The Scenery is incredible along the whole route, but make sure you stop to check out some of these old mining towns. Some of them have been left to waste and makes for some really cool photo ops and feels as if you’ve stepped back in time. The main and biggest town you’ll come through on the south end of the loop is Eureka. This is a good place to grab some food at the one of the best unknown diners, Hwy 6 Diner. You’ll be able to get fuel here as well if needed. 

    Once you leave Eureka, you’ll run through a small mountain pass placing you at the very south end of Ut County. There are a couple of ways to head back north. You can stay on the 6 that will run you right back to I15 to head north or south. We prefer the more scenic route in taking the 68 in Elberta running you along the west side of Utah Lake. There is another option through Genola running next to Utah Lake and will put you in the heart of Spanish Fork. Look at the Utah Lake Loop Experience for those directions. 

    From the 68 you’ll come to a town called Saratoga Springs. From there you can you enter Lehi Ut, then onto I15 or you can continue north on the 68 (redwood road) to Bluffdale. From there you can take 154 (Bangerter) north or east to get back to I15 then onto Salt Lake City. 

    If your entering the loop from Ut County through Lehi, Take the 73 all the way out to the 36 and head North to Stockton. Once in Stockton you can turn west on Silver Ave that will bypass the northern cities and put you on the Mormon Trail Rd. Turn and head south on the Mormon Trail Rd and follow directions above.

Places along the loop route we recommend

for coffee, beer, and food that we promise you can never go wrong with:

Salt Lake Roasting Company

Some of the freshest coffee you may ever have. Located in the heart of Salt Lake City off 400 So. and easy access to and from the Interstate. 

Juice and Java

This is a local Fav and hang out in Provo and Orem Ut. The baristas are awesome and the coffee is 10 times better than anything you can get at Starbucks. I recommend the GodFather! 

For Lunch or Dinner

there are few places that will fit the bill:

Lucky 13

Located in Salt Lake City just off 1300 South, this bar and grill servers some of the best burgers and garlic fries you can find. If you need something a little harder to drink, they can fix up with that too. Lucky 13 has that biker bar feel to it that we all love with indoor and an outdoor patio to relax in. 

Stap Tank Brewery .JPG

StrapTank Brewery 

Located in Springville Ut, this is about 5 min North of Spanish Fork on the interstate to the east side. You cant miss the big brick stacks. The atmosphere is incredible and the food and beer are just as good. Once done eating, the same owner has a bike shop, Legends Motorcycles you can walk to and check out the amazing collection of new and old bikes. 


This little cafe is a great place to stop and take a quick 15 min break. Its a small but full cafe with coffee, beer, water and other drinks. You can also get what Im told as an amazing burger and fries. Great space outdoors with the monster truck to get off the bike and chill. The folks that run this place are amazing so make sure to stop and give them a little biz! 

Maria Bonita.jpg

Maria Bonita  

This is an awesome little Mexican shop in Orem Ut. This is some of the best and most authentic Mexican food you can find in Ut County. 



Chances are you may already know about this spot as it is located inside the Timp Harley Davidson dealership located in Orem Ut. It’s a cool way to check out the new model Harley’s and get something to eat. The sliders are amazing as is the senior dickies salad. Sat morning cinnamon rolls are amazing but sell out quickly. 

Hwy 6 Diner

Located in the heart of the mining town of Eureka. The town may look run down and desolate, but make sure you stop to check it out. This down home food is perfect before, during, or at the end of any ride. The restaurant has that old town miners atmosphere to it bringing with it the historic feel of the rest of the town.