It's our hope that after visiting our site that we can earn your business. Let us show you some of the best riding, sights, scenery, and monuments that Utah has to offer and create memories unlike anywhere else.

Sure, we know there’s other touring outfits you can ride with, and we’re sure they’ll show you a great time along the picturesque landscapes of Utah. But did you really see the best of what Utah has to offer? Probably not.

At True North, our tours do just that. After riding in Utah for the last 20yrs, we have discovered some of the best rides, hidden canyons, back roads, and loops that most of locals are unaware of. Yes, we do the big parks and major highlights of Utah that you've probably seen in the magazines. Hell, they're probably what have kickstarted the idea of you visiting our great state of Utah after all. However, its the off the beaten path places that the other agencies aren’t showing you that will leave your soul wanting more. Come tour with us and let us share our passion for this amazing state and the road with you.

Motorcycles, rides, apparel, and serving the community are what we do. It's been our passion and focus since day one. Live fast, ride hard, and enjoy life. That's what it's always been about for us. “We’re Never Lost” at True North Motor Co..


-Local and skilled riders leading the tour

-See the true nature of Utah and surrounding areas

-Our rides get you off the “Ordinary” path

-Customized rides based on skill levels and/or time restraints

-Sharing our mutual passion for the open road

-No big chains here, meet the locals, their shops, and restaurants only

-Take front cover worthy photos of you and your ride that’ll leave your friends in envy

-Lasting memories created amongst great folks

-Straight forward and reasonable pricing

-Motorcycles are our passion plain and simple, the more we can share this passion with others the better.


Wasatch Back day tour (310mi 8-9 hr ride)

Central Utah day tour (263mi 7-8 hr ride)

The Gorge day tour (500mi 10-12 hr ride)

Iron Ass run for a 1000 miles tour

The Parks Tour (1000mi 3 day tour)

The “Jesse” Road Tour (400mi 8-10hr ride)

Customized tours



Single Rider $150

Two Up Rider $195


Single Rider $395

Two Up Rider $450

Iron Ass 1000 Miles In 24hrs

Single Riders Only $495

Customized Tours

Tell Us What You Need And We'll Make It Happen! Reach Out To Us With Your Request And Receive A Quote.

Wasatch Back Tour

Wasatch Back Tour

High elevation changes, crisp mountain roads, switchbacks, science views, and so much more!  You’ll be left in awe. 

The "Gorge" Tour

The "Gorge" Tour

If you looking for a tour to experience the vast differences that Utah has to offer, this one's for you.  

The "Jesse" Tour

The "Jesse" Tour

From the traditional pine trees and aspens of the Utah high elevation to red rocks cliffs, grey clay, sage brush, and open grass prairies. 

 Central Utah Tour

 Central Utah Tour

A tour through the desert,  around the 2nd largest body of water in Utah, and one of the best mountain pass loops anywhere.  

Custom Tours

Custom Tours

We can provide custom tours depending on your individual or group wants and needs. 

Iron Ass Run For A 1000 Miles 24hrs

Iron Ass Run For A 1000 Miles 24hrs

 To Be Announced.....

The "Parks" Tour

The "Parks" Tour

What could any better than riding through some of the most sought after scenery anywhere in the world on a Motorcycle? Nothing!  With 5 National parks to pass through, this will be an all time favorite.