Amazing mountain peak views, valley views, and even a pull out to see our 2nd largest body of water Utah Lake from almost 10,000 ft

  The Nebo Loop is a very unique ride, one in which you cannot get similar sights or feelings anywhere else. The Nebo Loop for me is one of those rides that every time it's discussed as a ride within the group, I always hesitate to do it. I don't know why? Eventually I’m like ahh ok let's go do it. Truth is once I'm there, I can't believe how stupid it was to not want to do the Nebo Loop. It’s an amazing ride and everyone with a bike needs to experience it!

To access the Nebo Loop you can enter from few different directions. First is through Payson Utah via the Main Street exit off I15. Once onto main street continue through historic downtown Payson to 700 S. At 700 S turn Left onto Canyon Rd then after a short a distance turn right at the T onto Payson Canyon Rd. This will be the start of the loop.

From Nephi Utah you’ll take the 100N exit via I15. Off the exit you turn left onto hwy132 (100N) and head east into a small canyon. Follow this for about 2-3 miles and look for the sign that says Nebo Loop Byway. Take a left onto  Nebo Loop Rd. and this will be the start of the loop from Nephi ending in the Payson directions.

I would recommend riding south to Nephi to start the loop as the ride comes back to the north and there are more options to stop for food or drinks in the north. The Nephi side of the loop holds a lot of tight turns and switchbacks which most riders would rather take them at speed climbing vs going downhill. Also the first part of the loop on the Nephi side is a little dry and may seem a little drab…. Hang in there, as you start to gain in elevation you’ll be blown away at how the scenery will change before your eyes.

The south end of the loop is dry and almost desolate as I said. However once you climb the scenery changes over Pines and Aspens with a lot of open meadows to view. There's really no way to describe it as it's not like our traditional Utah mountains. It's an odd blend of southern Utah meets the high uintas. As you make you way over the top and down the payson side of the loop it does become more traditional with big pines and aspen groves.

One the reasons I love this loop is the road placement. It almost feels like you are riding a ridge the entire time. It switches back and forth, left to right, but somehow it's always a dramatic view and drop off. You’ll come around a tight corner and all of a sudden you can see for miles across the valley. There’s some amazing mountain peak views, valley views, and even a pull out to see our 2nd largest body of water Utah Lake from almost 10,000 ft. Yes, you’ll climb to the summit of 9400 ft. Make sure you take some time to stop at the different marked pull offs to take in the views. Also great spots for some photo ops.

As for the road and things to look for or what you can expect on this ride are tight turns, drop offs, a few uneven dips, some dirt and gravel in the roadway, cattle, a couple tight unmarked corners, a little water (north side), and some traffic on the payson side (weekends). These may seem like a big deal but every time we’ve been there's been enough notice to slow or maneuver out of any kind of trouble and we run this loop 20+mph over the posted speed. If you do like to travel fast, just be aware of the marked and unmarked turns as I’ve witnessed a few times fellow riders going too hot and literally disappearing off the roadway. I would suggest a speed in which is fun but also safe until you’ve been on the loop a couple times to know what you are going to encounter.  


The pull offs and views

Take some time to stop and see these views, they are pretty impressive. There will also be some signs to read to help understand what it is that you’re looking at and some historical info. Most of theses will be at the summit and the south end of the loop.

Payson Lakes

A couple small lakes in which you can fish or just sit by the lake for awhile.

The Grotto Trail

This on the Payson side of the loop. It's a short hike up an easy trail to the grotto like waterfall. This can be a busy place as it's popular for photos and family pictures but well worth the visit if you've never been.

Glades Drive Inn

Spanish Fork Ut

The burgers and fries are good but the Shakes are what you stop for on hot summer day.  

Barry’s Parkview Drive Inn

Great burgers, fries, and onion rings. Sits right next to the city park in which you can grab your food and eat under the trees in the park.     

The Italian Place

Spanish Fork Ut

If you’re in the mood for a steak and cheese sandwich…. These guys do it right.  

Strap Tank Brewing Company

Springville Ut

Keep it simple with fish & chips or a burger with one of their handcrafted beers and you’ll never go wrong.  

Sidecar Cafe

Springville Ut

This is usually a spot we’ll hit in the morning for breakfast but the food is good anytime of day. Not a huge selection to pick from, but thats why its so good, everything is fantastic.

Legends Motorcycle

Springville Ut

Whether you ready for a newer bike or just want to take in the nostalgia of yesteryears motorcycles, this is the place to do it. Make sure to venture upstairs to the museum.