IRON ASS TOUR / 1000 MILES IN 24hrs 

Want To Get That Iron Ass Patch On Your Cut? We Can Help With That. 



One of the things that we love most, is getting out on the open road and burn as many miles as we can. This tour is desgined for one thing and one thing only, hit the highway and go as fast and as far as possible. We know it sounds like it shouldn't be that difficult to accomplish, however we also know first hand just how taxing it is both physically and mentally. The pace of the ride is vigorous and stops vigilant. This is a truly documented ride to prove that you've done what most only pretend to.

Most riders that attempt this feat hit a proverbial wall that comes with a long distance ride like this. We can lead the way and take all the guess work out of what needs to be done to achive the goal.

With our hub located in Salt Lake City, we can provide a few different route locations.

If you are serious about getting your own Iron Ass patch, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you on creating a ride.

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

You may be wondering why we offer tours? Well, first of all its an amazing way to do what we love, which is ride and make a little money doing it. We also love to share our passion for the road. It's this passion that founded True North Motor Co. from the very beginning.

I've always been fascinated by the motorcycles ability to bring together all walks of life in a shared purpose. There's an instant understanding for a fellow brother or sister that rides. We aim to futher build, grow, and promote the motorcycle community.


1000+ miles

Ride Time: 13-16hrs

Technicality: High

What's included in our tours: 

  • Detailed list of items you need to bring for the ride in advance 
  • Detailed map and stops on the tour
  • Breakfast
  • A damn good time
  • Airport transportation upon arrival to motorcycle rental agency 
  • 1000N24 patch 

What you're responsible for:  

  • Your Own Ride, Wether You Bring Your Bike Or Pick Up A Rental
  • Fuel
  • Food & Drinks during the tour   
  • Transportation post ride
  • Lodging accommodations  
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