The Utah Lake Loop is an awesome ride to get back into the swing of things and break off the winter rust. This is one of our go to’s while we wait for winter to pass. Set with nice winding turns and good road conditions to get connected with your bike again. Its an amazing ride with water and mountain views that you can get within the short period of time it takes to make the loop. You can expect the loop to last 2 to 2 1/2 hrs depending on how many stops you make.

We always start our rides heading out of the Lehi area or the norther part of the loop. If you’re coming in off I15 you’ll want to take 73 down Historic Lehi Main St. You’ll continue west till you reach Redwood Rd or the 68. From there you’ll turn and go south. This will put in the relatively new town of Saratoga Springs. As you travel south on 68 make sure you stop and take in the Wasatch Mountain Range directly across the valley. They are plenty of places to take pictures, pull off the road and shoot guns, or just take in the scenery.

You’ll come into a small farming town called Elberta in which you’ll come to a two way stop. Every-time without fail, Ill run into other riders and its a great place to pull over and converse. At the south east corner of the two way stop is a cool old run down Sinclair shop for excellent photo ops.. From the 68, head east on the 6 into the small mining town of Goshen and then onto another small farming town Genola. Just as you come into Genola, you can continue on the 6 east to the interstate or take the preferred scenic way. To get off the 6 through the town of Genola and run next to lake headed north. If you choose this route, you’ll see a sign that says high load route. Take that left and you’ll head north east to 800 So. Head south on 800 So and almost immediately turn north on Main St.. This will take you to Lake Rd and will turn into Lincoln Beach Rd.. As you continue on this road, make sure to be careful as there are a few spots in which the road surface is a little rough and can be some loose gravel. There are some cool places to take some good photos and in which runs you right through some of the biggest cherry farms in Ut.

Once you warp back around the lake and come back in the valley, you’ll come into the city of Spanish Fork. As come around you’ll be on 6400 So and bends slightly to 6300 So. At 4800 W turn south back to 6400 So and follow all the way back to main street in Spanish Fork. At Main turn and head north in which it will run you back to the interstate. You can take other ways to get back north but honestly none that are amazing enough to avoid the Interstate, unless you hate to ride the freeway. There are plenty of ways to get back north where you may be headed.

Now that you’ve made the loop...

Now there's time to find a place to grab a beer and something to eat. Some of our recommendations that we promise you can never go wrong with are as follows:

For breakfast or something sweet:

Lehi Country Bakery

Some of the best doughnuts in the state. You MUST stop at the I recommend the square doughnuts or the long johns! Anything you get will be amazing!

Juice and Java

This is a local Fav and hang out in Orem Ut. The people are awesome and the coffee is 10 times better than anything you can get at starbucks. I recommend the GodFather!

For Lunch or Dinner there are few places that will fit the bill.

Stap Tank Brewery .JPG

StrapTank Brewery in Springville Ut.

This is about 5 min North of Spanish Fork on the interstate to the east side. You cant miss the big brick stacks. The atmosphere is incredible and the food and beer are just as good. Once done eating, the same owner has a bike shop, Legends Motorcycles you can walk to and check out the amazing collection of new and old bikes.

Maria Bonita

This is an awesome little mexican shop in Orem Ut. This is some of the best and most authentic mexican food you can find in Ut County.


Chances are you may already know about this spot as it is located inside the Timp Harley Davidson dealership located in Orem Ut. What a cool way to check out what the new models Harleys are and get something to eat. The sliders are amazing as is the senior dickies salad.