They seem to pop up from nowhere with their majestic huge stature to only disappear almost as quickly.

If you find yourself planning a trip to the Northern Cali area, you must make a stop in any of the Redwood forests. They seem to pop up from nowhere with their majestic huge stature to only disappear almost as quickly.

Hidden with in the Redwood forests are amazing little gems that deserve to be explored. If you own a bike and love to ride, you MUST make the trip to ride thought these giants!

Just before Crescent City CA You can enter the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. We found this to be a shorter ride than expected as in this park its more for rec. use with dirt roads and camping. I will tell you that I will ride the hell out of my bike, but I do not like dirt, dust, or anything that makes my black street glide dirty. So we didn’t explore too much here. I was amazed at the size of these redwoods.

Howland Hill Road is one of the top things to see in this state park.

Stout Grove is one that you will ride through traveling the 101 hwy.

Make sure you stop to take some pics and just sit in the forest and maybe hug a tree…

Further south past klamath on the 101 hwy at this point is now the Redwood hwy you can exit the 101 in favor of the Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy. You cannot go wrong on either of the routes. If you need to make time, stay on the 101. There’s another route that has to be taken and in its entirety, no short cuts.

Just south of Stafford CA you will come upon hwy 254, the north entrance of the Avenue of the Giants. This is a must!! This is a long 30-45 mph ride that is nothing short of amazing. You’re riding through these giant redwoods that are taking back the road way in some places and feels as if they are going to reach out and touch you. You can feel just how old these trees are and its almost as they speak to you as you pass through them. Make sure you get fuel if you need as there are not many places in this are to do so. Once you’ve entered the Ave of Giants it will take you all the way down to the south entrance to put you back on the 101.

Things to check out on this route are:

Chandelier Drive Thru tree in Leggett

Shrine Drive Thru Tree Myers Flat

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