A must for any rider and by far one of the most epic places to experience behind the bars of a motorcycle! We took our trip in late July and was blessed with amazing weather. The mornings, cool and jacket temps with the fog burning off around 10am giving way to clouds and sunshine and T shirt weather. Now I know it can rain at any given moment along the coast ( we did not experience this) so make sure you have a jacket and rain gear if you don’t like to get wet.

From the moment we entered the Hood River area before coming into Portland, I was astonished around every turn and knew i was in for something special. Our first day of travel out of Salt Lake City Ut, we rode 967 miles to Portland.

 Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

I would say our Oregon coast trip started once we left the Portland area and took hwy 30 on our way to Astoria. Within 15-20 min we found ourselves in the Burlington area riding parallel to the Columbia River. Hwy 30 is full of vibrant little towns, shops, and cool bridges. One thing I love is bridges ever since I was a little kid. Make sure you plan extra hour or so to hit all the bridges that run along the Columbia River. With the mist in the air, the surroundings lush and green, and the smell of the ocean, you know you are getting close to the coast.

You’ll soon see Mt St. Helens off the distance to your right. Just outside of Rainer is the Lewis and Clark Bridge heading into Longview. The smell of the fresh cut wood is overwhelming and amazing! You’ll pass no less than a dozen wood yards along the river. We stopped to take a look at some of them in Longview WA.

From here there are two picturesque ways to start your Oregon Coast trip. If you take the bridge into longview, you’ll then follow hwy 4 out to Nacelle, WA onto the 401. The 401 will run you into the 101 i.e. where your life will forever be changed road. The magnificent Astoria-Megler Bridge will be your next crossing into Astoria OR. Once across and into the small quaint town of Astoria, make sure you stop and eat at the BowPicker. You can’t miss it with a long line of people waiting to the best fish & chips I’ve ever had. This cool little spot is an old boat in a dirt parking lot across from the Maritime Museum on 17th and Duane St.

 Scenic ocean view, Oregon coast

Scenic ocean view, Oregon coast

As you come around the point of Astoria, you’ll soon be crossing yet another bridge and your 101 experience has now begun. Within in few moments you’ll be riding past some of the most scenic oceans views. There are plenty of turn outs to pull off and take in all the Northwest Coast has to offer. Sheer cliffs, tunnels, ocean views, and we the fortunate blessing of a brand new paved road. It doest get much better then this and is just like riding in the paintings we’ve all seen of the Northwest Coast, something mythical and magic, is what Id call it.

I will say this, be prepared for some traffic if this is your first time. We planned our trip to run down the coast during the week and still encountered some moments of heavy stop and go. The locals we spoke with said the weekends can be heavy with traffic. We found ourselves pulling down the miles pretty easy along the Oregon Coast and many times rode a little further than planned.

 Wood Carvings along the Oregon Coast

Wood Carvings along the Oregon Coast

Along the OR Coast you have to stop and check out the giant wood art! You won’t miss it. They have the some of the coolest things you’ll ever see carved out of wood. They simply ask for a small donation to take pics and its well worth it! The 101 in OR does not disappoint with sand dunes, lush green forests, coastal views to die for, and some of the coolest small towns I’ve ever passed through. You could spend an entire riding season taking in all the OR coast has to offer. We took two days to travel the 101 coast through OR and looking back we should have taken one more day

As for food and lodging

We asked locals where to eat and stay. The folks were friendly and gave great recommendations. If in doubt as a local!!

The Bowpicker (Fish & Chips) in Astoria

Is a MUST!! Once your at the light pole its a 45 min wait.

Travelers Cove (Clam Chowder) in Florence OR

Was Fantastic with great views over the water.

The Park Motel in Florence OR

Was one of the best places we stayed! Mind you, we did not make any prior arrangements for lodging. We wanted to ride till we didn’t want to go anymore and find a place to stay. Make sure you tell the old man you on a bike and he’ll hook you up! He gave us a two bed cabin with a kitchen, fireplace, and large bathroom. Everything was super clean and well maintained for the same price of a reg. room.

The Harbor Light Family Restaurant in Reedsport OR

Best breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. Plan for a bit of a wait as the restaurant isn’t very big but the food is more then worth the wait. Fresh everything!! Get the Marion Berry Stuffed French Toast!