Central Utah Tour 

 The Perfect Tour Just Outside The City. Come Experience Small Historic Towns, Utah's Central Desert, One Of Utah's Largest Bodies Of Water, And Quite Possibly Our Most Epic  Scenic Mountain Byway.  All In A Day. 

Central Utah

Nestled between two large mountain ranges lies the Central Utah Valley.  Now powered by Industry and Tech, it's like any other major city you'd find across the country these days. However in just a few short minutes You'll suddenly be in the middle nowhere. For all you bikers, we love that word "nowhere".  

This tour will take you through some of the vast Utah desert and small mining towns that struggle to keep up in this new era.  After experiencing the desert we'll head for one of our highest mountain byways.  This byway crosses the Uinta National Forest and climbs to over 9,000 feet in elevation and provides breathtaking views of Utah valley, the Wasatch Mountains and Mount Nebo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch Range. The Byway is a photographer's dream with many overlooks and wildlife viewing opportunities. The brilliant fall foliage of the Uinta National Forest is hard to match anywhere in the nation.  Every time I take folks on this 38 mile stretch of heaven, its nothing but smiles and wows. 

After all the smiles we'll take you through some of our historic towns as we head to make a loop around one of Utah's largest bodies of water.  Nearly 50 miles of winding roads right next to lake provide some of the vast Wasatch Mountain Range.  As it would in a mirror, the mountain tops reflect off the lake as if you were riding in a painting.  


You may be wondering why we offer tours? Well, first of all its an amazing way to do what we love, which is ride and make a little money doing it.  We also love to share our passion for the road.  It's this passion that founded True North Motor Co. from the very beginning.

I've always been fascinated by the motorcycles ability to bring together all walks of life in a shared purpose. There's an instant understanding for a fellow brother or sister that rides. 

Throughout the years of personally hosting rides with family, friends, and locals , I'm often told  " I had no idea this existed or how amazing it is".  We felt if we can do that for our locals, whom have lived in Utah their entire lives,  then we should open up and share our knowledge of this incredible state with as many riders as possible. 



265 Miles

Ride Time: 7hrs depending on size of group

Technacality: Low To Moderate

What's included in our tours: 

  • Detailed list of items you need to bring for the ride in advance 
  • Detailed map and stops on the tour
  • Breakfast
  • A damn good time in an amazing place
  • Airport transportation upon arrival to motorcycle rental agency 

What you're responsible for:  

  • Your Own Ride, Wether You Bring Your Bike Or Pick Up A Rental
  • Fuel
  • Food & Drinks during the tour   
  • Transportation post ride 
  • Lodging accommodations 
Central Utah Tour
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