Just like a marathon, you’ll experience emotions be it mentally or physically that will make you a stronger, better, more skilled rider, and better person.


This years run for a 1000 wasn’t an easy one. We encountered a lot of different elements (loosing time and hitting a massive storm) that weren’t working in our favor to make the trip in the 24hr time frame. Our small group had planned an epic ride out to the Harley Museum in Milwaukee, so we figured this would be a great way to knock down the 1000 using I-80 giving us a pretty much a straight shoot and high speeds.     We meet in Sandy UT at 7am, well 6:30am but I was late and we didn’t get the start on the day till 7am. We took I-15 to 215 in Midvale and 215 to I-80 and I-80 all the way to our final destination. If you’ve never ridden in Utah, you’ll think our main freeway could one of the pretties places you’ve traveled with the scenic Wasatch Mountain Range running the entire length of the state.  However if you have time to get off the beaten path, Utah has some of the best roads and riding I’ve found anywhere. I-80 through Park City, Coalville and into Wyoming is beautiful with excellent roads and high speed twists and turns, bars, restaurants, local coffee shops, and everything else in between. 

    Once into Wyoming the scenery changes into long stretches of road through mountainous terrain and rolling hills. Turning more flat the further east you get. I love this stretch of road and there’s never any real amount of traffic to deal with and a great place to take rolling pics, ride through a tunnel, and watch the landscape change right in front of you. 

    We found our Street Glides can run 225-240 miles between fuel stops. As with any ride of length you need to use some common sense and watch the road signs for fuel stops. All along the I-80 corridor there were plenty of places to stop for food & fuel with out any stress of making it to the next town. 

     For lunch we stopped in Cheyenne WY at a cool spot call Sanfords Grub & Pub. As soon as you walk in you’ll be overwhelmed by the eclectic hoarding of signage and random shit. It makes for a perfect place to grab a beer and some food. As to how we ended up here, I ALWAYS ask the locals where the best bar or burger joint in town is. The last thing you want when out on a big ride is shitty bland food that you can get anywhere! These rides are an experience and I feel like you should be trying new spots and supporting the local towns we’re riding through. The five orders we placed came out quick, hot, and damn good! The staff was excellent and we were even able to get some cools pics of us at lunch from some of the local folks there eating.  

    At all fuel stops its important to take 10-15min to stretch, hydrate, talk with everyone, and re focus. This is important to me as I do not want myself or anyone in the group to fall behind or worse and have an accident. Its only fun when you can all arrive at the destination and complain to each other about how your ass or back hurts! 

    Once into Nebraska, I have to be honest it wasn’t the pretties of places to ride through. That said the roads were fantastic and we had zero issues with the state police running 10-12 mph over the limit (75-80 posted). 

    As we were burning the miles down in Nebraska, off in the distance we could see a large black ominous cloud that was unlike anything we see in UT. We were close to needing a fuel stop so we hit the next town and pulled off in Gothenburg NB. Checking the weather app (Dark Sky) It looked we were in for an ass kicker. After some discussion in the group to rain gear up or wait for the storm to lessen, we decided to grab a beer and bite to eat at the Nebraska Barn & Grill and wait for the bulk of the storm to pass. The hospitality was amazing and food was good. The Comfort Inn was nice enough to allow us to pull our bikes under the awning so they didn’t sand blasted and rained on while we ate. 

    Little side story, as we were getting done fueling and looking for shelter at the hotel awning, there was a state police officer in the parking lot. As we walked past him he asked us “ you guys aren’t going out in this right”? We then asked “ we don’t know? what can you tell us”? He politely said “ I’d really appreciate not cleaning you guys up off the road if you try to ride through it”. I said “ well fuck, beer and food it is for a while”. 

    After waiting a little over an hour it looked like the worst had passed and we geared up to hit the road.  As we were getting ready we weren’t sure if too much time had past for us to still hit the 1k mark. We’d been riding for close to 15hrs at this point and we’re sitting at about 750 miles clocked. After everyone saying they were okay, we set out a goal to knock this shit out! I will say we were lucky as it was now past 10pm and raining, but the temps were perfect so that we weren’t cold and wet.

    We had to run about an hour in the rain before we finally got out and around it. What an experience though, to ride in the night rain through a plain state and watch the lightning shoot across the entire sky from the best seat in the house! Once the road dried up we knew that we’d been burning time making sure no-one hydroplaned off the road. At the next fuel stop it was a quick discussion to say hey we need to fucking step on it and be safe if we’re going to make the 1000 in 24hrs. Through the rest of Nebraska and into to Iowa we bombed 90-100mph consitanly checking the odometer to see where we were at. After stopping for fuel one last time in Omaha NB, we were able to roll into Shelby IA, about 90ish miles past our 1000 mile mark to make sure we wouldn’t miss it. By this time it was 4am in the morning andthank god for the Shelby Inn Motel just off the highway. It wasn’t cleanest place to lay our heads but the attendant was a sweetheart and we were fucking beat. After about 21 hours, losing daylight, lightning, rain, wind, we pulled down our goal of 1000 miles in 24hrs. 


    When we think of running 1000 miles in 24hrs, I always look back at previous trips and think that was no big deal or we were so close without thinking or trying.  Its funny how these trips where you’re trying to run long miles and you know you are on the clock, something always seems to throw a wrench in the works. Wether its mechanical issue on one of the bikes or mother nature its never as easy as you thought it was going to be! 

    Everyone should get on their bike and ride to who the hells knows where and knock down a 1000 miles in a day at some point. Just like a marathon, you’ll experience emotions be it mentally or physically that will make you a stronger, better, more skilled rider, and better person. Thats whats it all about at the end of the day right? Setting out to have an experience and create memories and stories you can share. you know, the ones where you’ve heard your co workers around the water or coffee hole, say “one day I’m going to do that”, “or that is something on my bucket list”. You can say I’ve fucking done that! 

To all of you that have done one or many of these Iron Butt deals or whatever you want to call it, I commend you! Stay safe, Ride Hard, and Live Fast.


We don't have a lot to recommend on this one as we were pushing through fuel stops and bypassing some of the scenic stuff to pull down the 1000 miles. That said, we’ll recommend a few places we did stop.

Sandfords Gurb & Pub:

The food menu is exceptional and offers authentic  down home cooking with a cajun attitude, served right next to an outstanding drink menu you can't get anywhere else!


Lottery Tickets:

We’re from Utah so we do get to purchase Lotto tickets often. Ive always thought my odds go up by picking up a ticket in every state that offers them. You just never know if you pick up the winning number that allow you to ride for the rest of your life!

Loves Truck Stops:

Whether we needed fuel or something to re-hydrate us, we found Loves a perfect place. The coffee was always good, good water selection, and easy on and off the highway.


Nebraska Barn & Grill:

Located in Gothenburg NB, we came across this place really by accident. We needed a place to shelter up for a bit while the wind, sand, and rain storm passed us by. Across the parking lot from the Comfort Inn was this little gem. The staff was gracious and fun while we waited for our orders. The drink selection was good and the mugs are huge. The nachos were fantastic as were the deep fried mac & cheese bites.